19th C 1 piece flower button 20mm $10.00

"Best Quality" b/m Excavated C.S camp Louisa, VA.



17th or early 18th Century Coat Button

(Military Most Likely) 29mm

Same button can be seen worn by Capt. Jack Sparrow on his Frock Coat. Excavated Gloucester, VA. $65.00




1 piece Tombac Flower Button 11.5 mm

Excavated Gloucester Co, VA. $17.00


Large 33.5 mm Silver Flat Button

no b/m or shank

Excavated Princeton, NJ $12.00

1 piece Colonial Flower sleeve button 15.8 mm

Excavated Florida  $10.00

Flat button with embossed flower design 25mm

slight curve in button with bent shank

Excavated CSA camp Fauquier, Va. $10.99

Star design flat button 24mm

stamped brass no shank

Excavated Princeton, NJ $10.99


1 piece Silver "M" monogramed button 25 mm

British Crown but incomplete b/m

Excavated New Jersey $12.00

Woven design 2 piece gold button 17mm $10.99

Excavated CSA encampment Charles Town, WV

Chained Linked Sleeve Buttons 15mm  $25.00

"HG&S Corinthian" b/m (cannot find any info on this company..most likely English) Excavated Richmond, VA.

Early 19th C. Flat button with Grape motif 20mm

Shank intact Excavated King George, Va. $15.99

Nice Colonial Silver Flat Button 25 mm

Excavated Fredericksburg, VA.  $20.00





1 piece Colonial Designed Button 15mm

Excavated Stafford, VA.   $10.00

Open artwork 17th or 18th C button  31mm

Excavated Lancaster, Va.  $20.99

Matching set 18th c drilled shank flat buttons

Tombac w/ Feather design 10mm

Excavated Village, Va. $20.00 pair





Tudor Rose design triangle button 18mm

Heavy 2.6mm thick  Silver? 2 gr. $20.00

Excavated Calvert Co, MD.

Gilded Colonial Flat Button 26.5 mm $16.00

Excavated Fredericksburg, VA.

Convex 19th C flat button loaded with gold

never cleaned with shank b/m? $10.99

Excavated CSA encampment Caroline Co., Va.


Pretty little 17.5 mm flat button

no shank nice gold highlights

Excavated Fredericksburg, Va. $10.99

Petite Colonial 1 piece convex flower button 10mm

Had gold at one time Excavated Spotsylvania, VA. $10.00

2 piece low convex Gold design button 13.6 mm

"Gold Plated"  b/m Excavated Culpeper, VA.  $10.00

1 piece Colonial Star button 13mm

b/m unreadable but not cleaned

Excavated Henrico Co. VA

Civilian Buttons & Items

Nice 1 piece Colonial Button 18.4 mm $15.00

"Gilt" b/m Excavated Fredericksburg, VA.

17th or 18th C  convex drilled shank designed button 28mm $25.00  Excavated Lancaster Co, VA.

Colonial Cuff Links (Sleeve Buttons) 14.5 mm $20.00

Excavated King George Co, VA.

1 piece Colonial Tombac Spiral Design Button 22mm

Excavated Prince William, VA. $15.00





Beautiful flat button w/ flower motif, nipple in middle slight wave with shank 27mm

Excavated Fredericksburg, Va. $10.99

Beautiful gold 2 piece flower button push in back with shank "London" b/m  20.5 mm

Excavated CSA camp Orange Va. $10.99


1 piece Colonial Tombac Flower button 16.5 mm $12.00

Excavated Fauquier Co, VA.



19mm Patriotic Flower and Stars flat button

"Rich Gold Colour" b/m

Excavated Dumphries, Va. $15.99



Nice Flower & Berry design flat button 14mm "J M" back mark with shank

Excavated Macon, Ga. $10.99

Strange Designed 1 piece Button

no shank nor backmark 19mm

Excavated, Middlesex Co, VA. $10.00

Spanish 1 piece convex Crown & Hearts Button 12.5 mm

Excavated Northumberland Co, VA.  $10.00



Gilded Colonial Flat Button  28 mm  $20.00

Excavated Fredericksburg, VA.



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Octagonal 36mm Sun design flat button

Thin/ slightly wavey w/ no shank

Excavated Northumberland, VA. $10.99