U.S "Puppy Paw" Buckle Excavated Fredericksburg, VA. $145.00

All hooks and remnants of Boyd and Sons Boston backmark.       #BP-0064

U.S Boxplate Excavated Chancellorsville, VA $170.00

 Both hooks intact.    #BP-0066

1851 Style Drummer Boy Buckle. Excavated Chancellorsville, VA.

Had wire hook attachments an back and used to hold drum sticks.

#BP-0059              $285.00

Accouterments, Buckles and Plates

U.S Eagle Breast Plate

Excavated Brandy Station, VA.

Never cleaned

#BP-0057         $75.00

U.S Cartridge Box Plate BP#0051

Excavated Kelly's Ford, VA  $35.00

U.S. Eagle Breast Plate (only washed off with water) #BP-0050

Excavated Brandy Station, VA. $45.00

#BP-0069      State of New York Buckle

The beautiful early excavation was recovered from the Union winter camps in Falmouth across from the Confederate occupied Fredericksburg, VA.  $900.00

Beautiful serf style CS 2 piece buckle.

Though not found together this is a great match.

Tongue excavated at Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA

Wreath excavated Richmond, VA.

#BP-0055                    $2395.00

U.S Breast Plate Excavated Brandy Station, VA

missing hooks #BP-0063            $100.00

CSA Large Forked Tongue Wishbone Buckle or at least half of one.

#BP-0052   Excavated Kelly's Ford, VA. $200.00

OVM Ohio Volunteer Militia single hook 2 1/16" x 3 1/16 "

Excavated Fredericksburg, VA.   #BP-0056            $2100.00

U.S. Breast Plate Excavated Bristoe Station, VA

missing hooks but remnants of E. Gaylord makers mark may been seen on back.

#BP-0062           $125.00

U.S Eagle Plate

Excavated Kelley's Ford, VA.

Never cleaned

#BP-0058          $75.00

U.S Oval Style Hook Buckle Excavated Chancellorsville, VA  $150.00

All hooks remain with remnants of W.H. Smith Brooklyn NY backmark.      #BP-0065

#BP-0070     Burnside Breast Plate

Burnside" plates are the smallest size of the eagle plates and are much harder to recover than regular size eagle plates. They are generally associated with troops from Maine because of the quantity found in 9th Corps camps and battle sites. Another feature is the fishhook at the end of the  olive branch that the eagle is grasping.

Early excavation from a Maine winter camp in Falmouth across from Fredericksburg, VA. Excellent condition with 2 strong hooks.    $525.00

Near perfect stamped Virginia Militia Plate    measures approx. 2" x 2 3/4"

Excavated in Fredericksburg, VA. 100 % Guaranteed Authentic 

#BP-0053         $3295.00

U.S 1851 Pattern Officers Sword Belt Plate Excavated Brandy Station, VA          #BP-0061

Belt attachment rail broken but recovered with original keeper. Great detail. $125.00

Very RARE to find an excavated specimen of this even RARER War of 1812 Artillery Buckle

Beautiful condition with both hooks 100% REAL Guaranteed             #BP-0054

Buckle measures approx. 2 1/2'' x 2 3/4"            Excavated Alabama $785.00

U.S Eagle Breastplate Excavated Mine Run, VA.

no hooks #BP-0060                  $90.00